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Asics GT 1000

* example color combinations Asics GT 1000 Asics GT 1000
  • Structured cushioning running sneaker
  • Best for mild to moderate overpronators or neutral stride
  • DuoMax® Support System enhances support and stability
  • Guidance Line provides enhanced stride efficiency
  • Rearfoot and forefoot GEL Cushioning Systems absorb shock
  • Padded tongue and collar for added comfort
  • Breathable fabric lining
  • Trusstic System technology reduces weight of sole while maintaining stability
  • High-Abrasion rubber outsole for durability
  • Adjustable lace up closure
  • Breathable mesh upper stabilized by synthetic overlays

Asics GT 1000

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24 Models Available

  • from $29.422E Wide Fitting
  • from $43.994E Wide Fitting
  • GT-1000 2 (Black/Onyx/Lightning)from $67.90GT-1000 2 (Black/Onyx/Lightning)
  • GT-1000 2 (Storm/Lightning/Limeade)from $62.90GT-1000 2 (Storm/Lightning/Limeade)
  • GT-1000 2 (White/Maroon/Lightning)from $77.94GT-1000 2 (White/Maroon/Lightning)
  • GT-1000 3 (Black/Onyx/Lightning)from $39.95GT-1000 3 (Black/Onyx/Lightning)
  • GT-1000 3 (Carbon/Lightning/Flash Green)from $79.00GT-1000 3 (Carbon/Lightning/Flash Green)
  • GT-1000 3 (Lightning/Black/Royal)from $29.42GT-1000 3 (Lightning/Black/Royal)
  • GT-1000 3 (Midnight/White/Red)from $49.95GT-1000 3 (Midnight/White/Red)
  • GT-1000 3 (White/Black/Flash Yellow)from $56.25GT-1000 3 (White/Black/Flash Yellow)
  • GT-1000 4 (Black/Onyx/Black)from $47.29GT-1000 4 (Black/Onyx/Black)
  • GT-1000 4 (Black/Silver/Flash Yellow)from $82.37GT-1000 4 (Black/Silver/Flash Yellow)
  • GT-1000 4 (Carbon/Silver/Maroon)from $44.95GT-1000 4 (Carbon/Silver/Maroon)
  • GT-1000 4 (Electric Blue/Silver/Flash Orange)from $59.95GT-1000 4 (Electric Blue/Silver/Flash Orange)
  • GT-1000 4 (Methyl Blue/Silver/Black)from $69.94GT-1000 4 (Methyl Blue/Silver/Black)
  • GT-1000 4 (Silver/Electric Blue/Black)from $43.99GT-1000 4 (Silver/Electric Blue/Black)
  • GT-1000 4 (White/Onyx/Flash Yellow)from $44.99GT-1000 4 (White/Onyx/Flash Yellow)
  • GT-1000 5 (Black/Onyx/Black)from $89.95GT-1000 5 (Black/Onyx/Black)
  • GT-1000 5 (Black/Rich Gold/Gold Ribbon)from $99.95GT-1000 5 (Black/Rich Gold/Gold Ribbon)
  • GT-1000 5 (Carbon/Imperial/Black)from $88.99GT-1000 5 (Carbon/Imperial/Black)
  • GT-1000 5 (Glacier Gray/Pomegranate/Black)from $88.99GT-1000 5 (Glacier Gray/Pomegranate/Black)
  • GT-1000 5 (Green Gecko/White/Black)from $89.91GT-1000 5 (Green Gecko/White/Black)
  • GT-1000 5 (Indigo Blue/Hot Orange/Black)from $89.95GT-1000 5 (Indigo Blue/Hot Orange/Black)
  • GT-1000 5 (Indigo Blue/Snow/Hot Orange)from $99.95GT-1000 5 (Indigo Blue/Snow/Hot Orange)

Asics GT 1000 Review

ASICS stands for 'Anima Sana in Corpore Sano', Latin for a healthy soul in a healthy body, which is a riff on a more famous saying 'Mensana En Corpore Sano', a healthy mind in a healthy body, often translated as 'A sound mind in a healthy body'. Whether you are a newbie trying to get in shape or a more seasoned runner going for a race or title, Asics has the right shoe for you. The Men's Asics GT 1000 is a solid road trainer with good stability and a good price, a perfect basic tool for all types of runner.

Made for a neutral gait to a moderate overpronating gait, the Asics GT-1000 has a stable, non-bouncy ride. They are not over-cushioned, but have GEL technology in the heel and the forefoot, enough to give you the shock absorbance you need. The Trusstic System reduces weight and increases tortional rigidity, using a stiffer material hidden in the midfoot of the shoe. It prevents too much bend in the middle of the shoe, which can put strain on the heel. The GT 1000 also uses a DuoMax Support system, which employs a special duo-density material in the midsole that helps stabilize pronators. But don't worry if you do not have that problem, it's a great feature that will enhance the shoe's durability. The uppers are made from lightweight breathable mesh combined with ergonomic synthetic leather overlays for security of fit. Their seamless design reduces chafing on the foot, while the lace up closure allows for a custom fit.