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Brooks Ravenna

* example color combinations Brooks Ravenna Brooks Ravenna
  • Stable and smooth road running shoe
  • Adjustable lacing system is particularly well-designed
  • Moisture-management mesh upper is soft and seamless
  • DNA midsole is super cushioned, comfy, and landfill-friendly
  • Diagonal Rollbar offers reliable pronation control
  • Segmented Crash Pad gives smooth transitions
  • Removable ergonomic insole perfect top to equalize midsole
  • Omega Flex Grooves deliver stability with flexibility
  • Great for road running
  • Midsole drop 10mm
  • Weight 11.3 ounces
  • Both supportive and neutral profile

Brooks Ravenna

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13 Models Available

  • Brooks Ravenna Ravenna 4 (Green)from $100.98Ravenna 4 (Green)
  • Brooks Ravenna Ravenna 5 (Andean Toucan/Nightlife/Silver/Black)from $100.98Ravenna 5 (Andean Toucan/Nightlife/Silver/Black)
  • Brooks Ravenna Ravenna 5 (High Risk Red) from $99.99Ravenna 5 (High Risk Red)
  • Brooks Ravenna Ravenna 5 (Primer Grey) from $100.98Ravenna 5 (Primer Grey)
  • Brooks Ravenna Ravenna 5 (Prince/Nightlife/Black)from $109.90Ravenna 5 (Prince/Nightlife/Black)
  • Brooks Ravenna Ravenna 6 (June Bug/Fern Green/Lime Punch)from $129.98Ravenna 6 (June Bug/Fern Green/Lime Punch)
  • Brooks Ravenna Ravenna 6 (Peacoat/Torch/Nightlife) from $79.99Ravenna 6 (Peacoat/Torch/Nightlife)
  • Brooks Ravenna Ravenna 6 (Skydiver/Red Orange/Cyber Yellow)from $54.99Ravenna 6 (Skydiver/Red Orange/Cyber Yellow)
  • Brooks Ravenna Ravenna 6 (White/High Risk Red/Black)from $79.89Ravenna 6 (White/High Risk Red/Black)
  • Brooks Ravenna Ravenna 7 (Anthracite/Electric Brooks Blue/Silver) from $79.99Ravenna 7 (Anthracite/Electric Brooks Blue/Silver)
  • Brooks Ravenna Ravenna 7 (Black/High Risk Red/Silver)from $64.49Ravenna 7 (Black/High Risk Red/Silver)
  • Brooks Ravenna Ravenna 7 (Silver/Nightlife/Black)from $79.99Ravenna 7 (Silver/Nightlife/Black)
  • Brooks Ravenna Ravenna 7 (Surf The Web/Lime Punch/Peacoat Navy)from $69.19Ravenna 7 (Surf The Web/Lime Punch/Peacoat Navy)

Brooks Ravenna Review

Brooks Ravenna men's support runner offers a fresh breath into the realm of control and support shoes. Motion control/support trainers are a large category that contains a lot of variation. The Brooks Ravenna is one that offers stability combined with cushion for what some would say is the best of both worlds. It's a great daily running shoe, and performs well on either short fast runs or higher mileage training sessions.

The Ravenna's upper has been improved and is constructed with Element Mesh, which provides amazing breathability and wicking power. It is largely smooth and seamless and is supported by a clear plastic overlays strategically placed from forefoot to the midfoot area. These overlays are hot melted on the surface to keep the seamfree feeling. (Triathletes that run without socks prefer this shoe.) The upper is snug fitting, especially through the midfoot area. A split strap helps support this area and ends in rows of speed lacing. The loops work independently for the best fit for you. The tongue contains a layer of padding so your foot is protected from potential pressure from laces. An updated heel cup keeps that heel in place without being intrusive, and keeps weight centered.

The Brooks Ravenna running shoe is built with some classic Brooks technologies - BioMoGo DNA midsole for customized cushion response, Diagonal Roll Bar stability insert, and Segmented Crash Pad shock absorbers. The DNA midsole is a triple density foam cushioning that is designed to give a smooth ride with good cushion where you need it. It provides a softness that is often absent in stable-focus running shoes. Diagonal Roll Bar (DRB for short) keeps that foot from expressing too much lateral motion in your run. In terms of feeling, it's soft in the heel, almost like the BioMoGo midsole. Toward the middle of the shoe, it's very firm, and then becomes softer toward the toe again.

The Brooks Ravenna shoe helps you control your stride, and its method lies principally in how the