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Brooks Transcend

* example color combinations Brooks Transcend Brooks Transcend
  • A combination cushion and support running shoe
  • Great performance no matter your weight or running pace
  • Breathable Element mesh upper with thin synthetic overlays
  • Plush tongue and collar
  • Supremely comfortable molded foam footbed
  • BioMoGo Super DNA midsole delivers maximum cushioning
  • Guide Rails built into sole enhance support
  • HPR Plus rubber creates super durable outsole
  • IDEAL Pressure Zones evenly disperse impact
  • 8mm Differential
  • Ideal for neutral to moderate pronators, medium to flat arches

Brooks Transcend

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10 Models Available

  • Brooks Transcend (1) Black/Bachelor Button/Lime Punchfrom $151.98(1) Black/Bachelor Button/Lime Punch
  • Brooks Transcend (1) Fiery Coral/Silver/Blackfrom $80.00(1) Fiery Coral/Silver/Black
  • Brooks Transcend (1) Passat Grey/Electric/Blackfrom $117.42(1) Passat Grey/Electric/Black
  • Brooks Transcend (2) Anthracite/Skydiver/Speed Greenfrom $92.95(2) Anthracite/Skydiver/Speed Green
  • Brooks Transcend (2) High Risk Red/Black/Whitefrom $77.99(2) High Risk Red/Black/White
  • Brooks Transcend (2) Lime Punch/Blackfrom $79.99(2) Lime Punch/Black
  • Brooks Transcend (3) Electric Blue/Lime Punch/Blackfrom $102.96(3) Electric Blue/Lime Punch/Black
  • Brooks Transcend (3) Metallic Charcoal/Black/Nightlifefrom $127.99(3) Metallic Charcoal/Black/Nightlife
  • Brooks Transcend (3) Silver/Orange Popsicle/High Risk Redfrom $114.99(3) Silver/Orange Popsicle/High Risk Red
  • Brooks Transcend (4) Blue/Redfrom $154.16(4) Blue/Red

Brooks Transcend Review

Transcend your pronation issues with the supremely soft but never mushy Brooks Transcend running shoe. One of the most cushioned styles from Brooks, the Transcend debuted in a special promotional box shaped like a spaceship. We think their idea is that running in this shoe is the closest you'll come to having no gravity. Transcend is also big, like maybe a moon boot, which I'm sure is not the association they wanted to make. But don't be afraid of that...the footprint is large but Brooks Transcend doesn't feel or run like a bulky shoe, and the idea behind the width of the sole is to add a stability to the running process.

Transcend trainers are enhanced with all the best Brooks technology. Super DNA midsole delivers a soft and adaptive cushioning system. It's made from non-Newtonian material, which means that Brooks developed a solid that behaves a bit like a liquid. Each little tiny molecule of the midsole will respond to your personal weight and movements, and will disperse pressure and push back creating a resilient energy return. IDEAL Pressure Zones help evenly disperse impact, while the Guide Rails that frame the outside of the sole keep your body aligned in its natural motion path. Rounded heel design ensures a centered landing, and the segmented Crash Pad outsole aids in perfect heel-to-toe transitioning.

This shoe is a neutral run, and you don't need to tend to pronation to enjoy its benefits. The Transcend can hold up to bigger runners mile after mile. Brooks Transcend has one of the most comfortable ergo footbeds on the market. The top cloth is buttery smooth, with compressed foam construction. Having it helps in giving a great first line of cushioning, which is great for lower speeds. Then the midsole takes over and WHEE you will get that floaty Super DNA cushion *experience*.

The uppers are made of laser cut mesh and close with a traditional lacing system for a nice individual fit. Breathable and comfortable, let Brooks Transcend ease you into a plus