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ECCO Yucatan

* example color combinations ECCO Yucatan ECCO Yucatan
  • Experience extreme comfort while tackling terrain in the Yucatan sandal
  • Oiled nubuck leather uppers
  • Padded fabric lining for soft feeling
  • CMEVA footbed treated with Agion anti-microbe
  • Direct injected midsole with full Receptor™ Technology
  • Flexible and durable rubber outsole
  • Not recommended for water use
  • Weight - 13 ounces
  • Customer favorite

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ECCO Yucatan

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7 Models Available

  • ECCO Yucatan Yucatan (Bison/Black/Black)from $129.95Yucatan (Bison/Black/Black)
  • ECCO Yucatan Yucatan (Black/Mole/Black)from $128.99Yucatan (Black/Mole/Black)
  • ECCO Yucatan Yucatan (Espresso/Cocoa Brown/Black)from $78.00Yucatan (Espresso/Cocoa Brown/Black)
  • ECCO Yucatan Yucatan (Multicolor 10 Year Anniversary)from $138.50Yucatan (Multicolor 10 Year Anniversary)
  • ECCO Yucatan Yucatan (Tarmac/Black/Black)from $70.99Yucatan (Tarmac/Black/Black)
  • ECCO Yucatan Yucatan (Tarmac/Moon Rock)from $99.89Yucatan (Tarmac/Moon Rock)
  • ECCO Yucatan Yucatan (Wild Dove/Titanium/Black)from $91.41Yucatan (Wild Dove/Titanium/Black)
  • ECCO Yucatan Yucatan (Bison/Black/Black)
    from $129.95Yucatan (Bison/Black/Black)
  • ECCO Yucatan Yucatan (Black/Mole/Black)
    from $128.99Yucatan (Black/Mole/Black)
  • ECCO Yucatan Yucatan (Espresso/Cocoa Brown/Black)
    from $78.00Yucatan (Espresso/Cocoa Brown/Black)
  • ECCO Yucatan Yucatan (Multicolor 10 Year Anniversary)
    from $138.50Yucatan (Multicolor 10 Year Anniversary)
  • ECCO Yucatan Yucatan (Tarmac/Black/Black)
    from $70.99Yucatan (Tarmac/Black/Black)
  • ECCO Yucatan Yucatan (Tarmac/Moon Rock)
    from $99.89Yucatan (Tarmac/Moon Rock)
  • ECCO Yucatan Yucatan (Wild Dove/Titanium/Black)
    from $91.41Yucatan (Wild Dove/Titanium/Black)

ECCO Yucatan Review

Sports sandals have their own kind of aesthetic appeal, even if they are more for a function than form. The men's ECCO Yucatan sandal is fully loaded with all the features that make this type of sandal so popular, and is made for performance but you'll love it for its pure comfort.

First, the strong oiled nubuck upper is durable and enhanced with stretch-fit fabric lining for daylong comfort. Dual density cushion footbed hugs your foot like a cloud, and it is treated with Agion anti-microbial treatment. Even though sandals are technically open, we all know what a hot day and exertion can do to feet, and the ECCO Yucatan sandal takes steps to ensure a healthy odor free environment. This footbed is made from CMEVA, compression molded EVA foam, which is a component used in many top of the line running shoes. It directly contributes to the many rave reviews from customers that the Yucatan sandal is more comfortable than any shoe. Not just sandals, SHOES! Great praise for a great sandal.

The midsole is made with what ECCO calls 'Powered by Receptor' technology. It's made of polyeurethane (PU), which is a standard flexible and shock absorbing material. ECCO wanted to make footwear that allows your natural gripping and underfoot sensing to come through, much like bare feet. Receptor is the product of 2 years of study on the foot and how it moves. ECCO Yucatan features full length Receptor which encourages feet to move as they would naturally without a shoe and is meant to allow you to "feel the ground" even though you're wearing a full coverage adventure sandal.

Lastly, the rubber sole is wonderfully flexible while still being tough. The tread pattern is designed especially well for movement on all types of surfaces, with curved lug patterns meant to give natural feeling motion.

Named after a state in Mexico, Yucatán is a region known for beautiful beaches, older towns, and the remains of the Mayan civilzation. ECCO's Yucatan sandal seems like it was designed for cobbl